The Inevitable Tragedy of
Romeo and Juliet

   Based on the play "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare

   with additional material based on the novella "La Giulietta" by Luigi da Porto

   A new adaptation by Jonjo Powers

They meet.

They marry.

They die.

All within four days.

Shakespeare didn't write a tale of romance; he wrote a tale of obsession. The "star-crossed lovers" have been around since 8 A.D., but when William Shakespeare got ahold of them, things changed quickly. The story that had always taken months to unfold, now played out in four days.

This new adaptation of the classic story focuses on the obsession that grips Verona and makes the tragic end for the world's most famous couple an inevitability. With an ending scene that marries the poetry of Shakespeare with the heart-breaking tragedy of the novella written by Luigi da Porto 65 years before the play, this is a Romeo and Juliet unlike any you've seen.