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A Small Perfection

John Cazale and the Art of Acting

with a foreword by Israel Horovitz


It was my obsessive love of acting that first introduced me to the art of John Cazale. It is my desire to understand and improve my art that keeps me coming back to it.

John’s work, like his life, cannot be accurately measured in duration, but in depth.   The unique convenience of his entire body of film work – in all five movies - being viewable in just a few minutes more than two hours invites our examination. The more we see, the more we cannot look away. It isn’t simply that he had the distinction of only appearing in masterpieces, it is the vividity, what Meryl Streep called the specificity, of him that fascinates. He possessed an uncanny ability to embody a different life, to fill himself up with somebody else’s truths, to make the maximum impact with minimal screen time, and to do it without care for the impact at all. For anyone who loves acting, his career is required viewing. Your experience is incomplete without it.

 There are lessons there.

                 -    From the preface